Our mission is to provide the data-driven building blocks, analytics and support,
to service a better, more sustainable climate-proof future.

Environmental data

Processing earth observation products and (non)traditional data sources to measure and monitor our environment.


Data analytics and in-house model developments combined with expert knowledge to find the best solution.

Climate services

Assisting with climate-change challenges and opportunities, decision making, planning and adaptation strategies.

B leader

As a B Leader we support the B Corp network and sustainable companies in applying for a B Corp certification.


Antwerpen voor klimaat: klimaatplan2030

Developing the Climate Adaptation Plan 2030 for the city of Antwerp, in collaboration with Antea, Endeavour and Overmorgen. A co-creation and participation process resulting in objectives and tangible measures to make the Antwerp of tomorrow a climate-safe and liveable city.

Cloud to Street: global flood mapping

Contributing to Cloud to Street's flood monitoring by developing a precipitation retrieval procedure, delivering near-real time an historical precipitation information. Tasked by the World Food Program to make a flood risk assessment of refugee camps along the Congo river.

Aircheckr: global air quality evaluation

Examination of the global surface air quality predictions provided by NASA's GEOS Composition Forecasting model. The benchmark was performed against open-AQ data, and Aircheckr's current custom-made air quality forecast for Belgium and Europe.

CANUE: local climate zone mapping

Local Climate Zones are mapped using open-source satellite information and reflect urban form and functions. This multi-temporal mapping effort is done for the Canadian Urban Environmental Health Research Consortium, that targets risk assessment of e.g. heat, air quality, and urban flooding.

B corp: B Leader workshop

B Leaders is a training programme, designed by B Lab, to empower people who want to lead organisations through the B Corp certification and work with businesses to measure what matters. As a B Leader, Susanne can assist sustainable companies in applying for a B Corp certification.

ESA Astropreneurs: space startup accelerator

B-Kode was selected for this mentoring Program, and given the opportunity to explore business implementations of the space-based global snow-depth retrievals developed in collaboration with research centers. More info here.

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