Our mission is to provide the data-driven building blocks, analytics and support,
to service a better, more sustainable climate-proof future.

Environmental data

Processing earth observation products and (non)traditional data sources to measure and monitor our environment.


Data analytics and in-house model developments combined with expert knowledge to find the best solution.

Climate services

Assisting with climate-change challenges and opportunities, decision making, planning and adaptation strategies.

B leader

As a B Leader we support the B Corp network and sustainable companies in applying for a B Corp certification.


Drought testbed: Rainwater from company to neighborhood

Removing 600m² of pavement and harvesting rainwater from the roof of an adjacent commercial building in an underground rainwater tank of 120 m³, to be re-used subsequently by Cohousing Bijgaardehof and the Baertsoen Buysse commercial center. Excess water will be able to infiltrate via two wadis, for the site to become rainwater neutral. This initiative is supported by the Flanders environment agency, and executed as a partnership between GMF, Cohousing Bijgaardehof, and Siklos Invest.

Health cost impacts of Australian urban heat amelioration

A program lead by Marsden Jacob Associates and supported by the Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment to model, analyse and report on health costs avoided or reduced by amelioration of urban heat effects through the application of integrated water management (IWM) strategies. B-Kode is forming a strategic partnership with Dr. Nice, Dr. Coutts and Dr. Tapper to model the urban heat and IWM scenarios.

Terrain-AI: data-driven climate change decision-making

A data platform to integrate, analyse and visualise big earth observation data, to increase our understanding of Ireland's land management practices in carbon emissions, leading to sustainable management pathways in accord with environmental and regulatory constraints. Funded by Microsoft and the Irish Science Foundation, in collaboration with UCD's Prof. Gerald Mills (IAUC's 2021 Luke Howard award winner).

Urban green space:
quality and impact tracker

Together with WEO and RSS-Hydro, we are exploring the development of a space-based green space quality and impact tracker to provide data to support evidence-based management of green spaces, the optimization of green space maintenance spending and the measurement of their impact on the surrounding environment. This work is supported ESA's feasibility study program.

Antwerpen voor klimaat: klimaatplan2030

Developing the Climate Adaptation Plan 2030 for the city of Antwerp, in collaboration with Antea, Endeavour and Overmorgen. A co-creation and participation process resulting in objectives and tangible measures to make the Antwerp of tomorrow a climate-safe and liveable city.

Cloud to Street: global flood mapping

Contributing to Cloud to Street's flood monitoring by developing a precipitation retrieval procedure, delivering near-real time an historical precipitation information. Tasked by the World Food Program to make a flood risk assessment of refugee camps along the Congo river.

Aircheckr: global air quality evaluation

Examination of the global surface air quality predictions provided by NASA's GEOS Composition Forecasting model. The benchmark was performed against open-AQ data, and Aircheckr's current custom-made air quality forecast for Belgium and Europe. Performed as part of an ESA demonstration project.

CANUE: local climate zone mapping

Local Climate Zones are mapped using open-source satellite information and reflect urban form and functions. This multi-temporal mapping effort is done for the Canadian Urban Environmental Health Research Consortium, that targets risk assessment of e.g. heat, air quality, and urban flooding.

Guest speaker and invited expert

Unable to see the (urban) forest for the (urban) trees anymore? Cities are the engine of climate change, but at the same time the hot spots where the impact is felt most. My on-demand keynotes explain the relationship between cities and climate (change), and highlight do's and don'ts of urban adaptation and mitigation strategies. I also contribute to policy making, see eg. Leuven 2030, MIRA climate report 2015, and Nature explorer 2050: Inspiration for the nature of the future.

B corp: B Leader workshop

B Leaders is a training programme, designed by B Lab, to empower people who want to lead organisations through the B Corp certification and work with businesses to measure what matters. As a B Leader, Susanne can assist sustainable companies in applying for a B Corp certification.

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